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December 28, the Associated Press announced that LeBron - James was elected the agency's 2016 best male athletes. This is James after both re-elected in 2013, become since Michael - Jordan, the second multiple-time NBA player.


The best male athlete of the year award by the Associated Press 59 editors to vote, James got 24 of the first ballot, Michael - Phelps (16 photos) and You Saien - Bolt (9 photos) Divided into two or three. Phelps in the Olympic Games continued nba 2k17 mt writing myth, and then won the gold, with 23 gold medal in the end of the career; You Saien - Bolt same amazing, Rio Olympic Games Jamaica Lightning completed three consecutive Olympic gold three gold Albert, no previous fear of those who have not come. In addition, two MVP Stephen Curry and MLB World Series MVP Chris Bryant tied for fourth, C Lo, von Miller (NFL Super Bowl MVP) and nba 2k17 buy mt Andy Murray (tennis year-end world first) Also got the editor's vote.


James's 2016 is inconceivable. His effectiveness of the Cavaliers midway coaching change, once the military instability; Finals 1-3 behind was forced into despair, Cleveland 52-year professional sports championship dream seems to have to continue. buy nba 2k17 mt coins But the days of the son of decisive election to come forward, the fifth consecutive sixth consecutive field scored 41 points, grabbing is played three pairs of performances, including the critical moment to give Andre Iguodala super nail plate hat, to help Knight Difficult to reverse, get the first team history, but also Cleveland after 1964, the first professional sports champion.


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