Is it true that Westbrook really has two sides from nbacoinsbuy's blog

Oklahoma City media circles circulating a joke,nba 2k16 buy mt about the world's least two Viagra: Viagra a little wearing basketball shoes, another Wei less, do not wear basketball shoes.

In court, he was Russell - Westbrook, energy, anger and tough mixture of purgatory. He faced reporters reticent indifference, hostility filled the face of the opponent, intended to turn hate everything - whether it is an ugly mistake, once the face of double teams thirds vote or strong basic Tupofenqiu.

Lazio is the other side of him, like the Thunder locker room joke, be kind. He walked down the stadium cute and charming, witty and sharp shortage. 2k16 mt He even became love conversation, love to talk all about fashion, food and the like. But this he, Russell - Westbrook is not like other people to know.

Westbrook is a mystery, but you would want to know him?


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By nbacoinsbuy
Added May 25 '16


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