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In the act of the use of the conveyor Rubber Drive Belts, conveyor belt should do to acquire a quick and efficient procedure, and what can be done to prolong the service life of conveyor belt? Conveyor belt and individuals are all limited life, would like to increase its life, to grasp the decision of the factors impacting the lifespan of it. This needs us in when using, pay attention to procedure details.

Finishes the following nine, conveyor belt can achieve ideal use effect.

1, do not start on the conveyor belt load;

2, timely correction of conveyor belt running deviation;

3, different kinds, specifications and the layer number of conveyor belt must not be used collectively, the best joint interconnection with glue.

4, part number of conveyor seatbelt type, structure, specification and reasonable choice should be applied in line with the conditions.

5, the conveyor belt running rate should not be commonly more than 2. 5 m/s, large blocks, usure resistant material and use fixed pear discharging device should be adopted as far as possible at low speed.

6, painting tool conveyor drive roller, drive roller and the romantic relationship between conveyor belt levels and the diameter, the redirection roller and the supporting roller groove Position requirements shall be in line with the regulations of the design of the conveyor, sensible selection.

7, the nourishing direction should be over the conveyor belt jogging direction, to reduce the material down the effect on the conveyor belt shall adopt when chute, reduce material gap distance; Conveyor belt material section, should shorten the roller space and the buffer painting tool for material leakage, conveyor belt to use very soft moderate keep-off board, in order to avoid items plate quality, scraping the broken belt of the belt surface.

8, conveyor when use, roller absence, if any, should be added in time and repair; Ineffective rollers is included in the material, producing in rotation, to stop seapage of material card between roller and the video tape, pay attention to the conveyor belt lubrication activities section, but not oily dirt conveyor belt.

dokuz, prevent conveyor frame, expoliar or block material block out, prevent the touch busted rip, found local broken conveyor belt, application of viscose timely repair, so as not to grow

So we have to careful repair of conveyor belt and let Rubber V Belt fully embodied the value of, bring more advantage for you.

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By Bubuvivi
Added Nov 23 '16



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