Fabric Conveyor Belts have 3 types according to different carcass from Bubuvivi's blog

Fabric Conveyor Belts have 3 types according to different carcass: Nylon Conveyor V Belt China, EP Conveyor belt and Cotton Conveyor belt.

1. Polyester conveyor belt, also called EP or PN conveyor belt, whose framework canvas is woven by polyester in warp and polyamide in weft.

2. EP conveyor belt has the characteristics of High modulus, low elongation, impact resistant, excellent heat resistant, available for the materials handling of heavy duty, high speed and medium, long distance.

3. EP conveyor belt are widely used in quarry industries, coal mining industries,Rubber Timing Belt  steel and iron industries, sand pits, power stations, cement industries, metallurgical industries, etc.


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By Bubuvivi
Added Nov 7 '16



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