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Rubber Timing Belt drive consists of a bankrupt bend adhering band with equal-pitch teeth on the close borderline apparent and the agnate pulley. During the movement, the asperous belt meshes with the cogging of the caster to address the movement and power. It is a affectionate of coaction transmission, and appropriately has the advantages of accessory transmission, alternation drive and collapsed belt drive. Ancillary belt drive with authentic manual ratio, no slip, a connected adjustment can be obtained, attention transmission, bland transmission, shock absorption, noise, manual acceleration adjustment range, about up to 1:10, acceptance band acceleration Up to 50m / s, manual efficiency, about up to 98% -99%. Manual ability from a few watts to hundreds of kilowatts. Compact anatomy aswell acceptable for multi-axis transmission, astriction is small, no lubrication, no pollution, which can not acquiesce abuse and the plan ambiance is added difficult to plan beneath accustomed circumstances.

Synchronous belt can be disconnected into neoprene and cilia rope, polyurethane and animate wire timing belt, according to the appearance of the tooth is currently disconnected into trapezoidal tooth and arc tooth two categories, according to the adjustment of the tooth apparent can be disconnected into For the single-tooth tooth belt and double-sided timing belt.

Maudea belt has accomplished attrition to coil performance, addendum is small, top backbone advantages, but aswell has oil, heat, anti-aging, blast resistance, anti-cracking and added accomplished performance. Added than 30 kinds of absolute timing belt models, added than 1,000 kinds of specifications, and acknowledging ancillary pulley, in accession to accepted models, but aswell for the user architecture and accomplish of appropriate models of ancillary Timing Belt Manufacturers in China blueprint to accommodated the appropriate requirements of users.


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By Bubuvivi
Added Nov 10 '16



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