Haryana Being the Key Hub for Drug Traffickers

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Haryana Being the Key Hub for Drug Traffickers

Haryana is always known for having a long key in the area of drug trafficking. From small shops to big executive officers are seen on the radar caught up in the act by the government officials. In Spite of having severalrehabs in Gurgaon and other districts of the state, the condition in this Northern state of India, is just worsening day by day. Severalrehabs in Gurgaon district have seen patients passing by, however witnessing the patients into a relapse phase as the air in the state is smoked up by drugs. These rehabs in Gurgaon area, using all the treatment processes and also after receiving aid from the government, are trying hard to commit their best towards the betterment of the society.

Haryana’s Governor Satyadev Narayan Arya said this month that the State government of Haryana is considering setting up a Narcotics Enforcement Bureau in the area to fight against drug abuse and trafficking in the state. The State government keenly intends to adopt a multi-stakeholder approach towards the issue of addiction to drugs by involving the NGOs, community organizations and several educational institutions, where the sincere efforts will only focus on the demand reduction and choking of such supplies. The anti-narcotics cells have been specially established in every district area, while at the state-level, the special task force will definitely function as an anti-narcotics wing of the police.


Addressing the budget session of the State Assembly here, the government accords the situation being the highest priority at the moment to ensure an equitable distribution of water given to every farmer, similarly a special treatment set up for each addict. Conducting every possible effort would be made to bring Haryana at peace, educating the youth and people of the state, the harmful effects and measures of using and consuming drugs. The government of Haryana had decided to celebrate the year 2020 naming it as ‘Sushashan Sankalp Varsh’, focusing on the launch of several new positive governance initiatives and policies towards the betterment of society which included the guidelines of drug abuse as well. By improving the service delivery to the citizens by every department, the government of Haryana primarily focused on this issue. Increasing the use of technology and streamlining process, with the improvement of ‘Ease of Living’, the government of Haryana, installed several such facilities in many parts of the state for better treatment delivery to such addicts including in severalrehabs in Gurgaon area as well. Also, on the occasion of the next ‘Good Governance Day’, which is known to be celebrated on December 25, the State government promised to submit a promising and positive report card towards the betterment in this particular field. The vision of the State government is mainly to use the process of digitization, involving those activities and processes in the treatment program and help the drug traffickers and addicts in the area, who can be used in various different fields, doing something productive for their families and for the society.

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