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In fact, many players Runescape decided to take out his anger on the system prepares the game walks through the loot to the caves, which were discovered by the player al-Qaeda RuneScape over the past few weeks. Runescape Gold These areas are fast becoming the most effective way to get thanks and gear up loot dropped, but he was also a kind of social commentary on the players fed Runescape tried to prepare as normal (fire in one place for three hours is the idea of ​​not one play).

When Bungie took the first of two caves booty to encourage players scape go elsewhere, and Runescape players simply looking for other similar surface in instead.It great to see that Bungie responds quickly to criticism from the database player RuneScape. Of course, when it is created Twitter account parody for the sole purpose of making fun of your system loot and 'Shooting Cave Simulator' does basically the same, perhaps it is not surprising to see developers push the panic button, and pull out all the stops to quickly reform.

This adjustment should also reassure some RuneScape players who were angry at Bungie to start working in Dubai logistics city pay extra when playing live in such a situation to break. It should be interesting to see what moves through these missions find a new blow will feel like the frustration of the old regime Ingram removed.


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By wenyue
Added May 26 '16


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