The guards and the ghosts return to the black garden from wenyue's blog

The guards and the ghosts return to the black garden (which we all know very well so far) to fight and Vex monster machine. We do not have any other details about the job so far, apart from the image below the level of the enemy, which shows the new variable Vex Hydra.RS 07 Gold Unit Vex Hydra similar name Nexus Sekrion is also a blow Nexus coach the final on Venus, so if you're looking for a new strike, in fact, probably the expansion.Although leaders next to the availability of additional blow and perhaps more exciting for most mills fate (and those of us still trying to hit 30) and it seems that the gun exclusive also a lot of fun.Body of exotic class is full bow to the automotive industry, four-barrel shotgun.Runescape Gold  Fares 4TH Clip has five bullets and fast rate incredibly fire. It may not seem like a lot of five shots down before re-loading, but we have the impression that this is enough at the bottom of almost every enemy off into.Xbox is not completely out of luck, despite the fact that each of these lists properly. We do not know exactly when to hit a new weapon will appear on the Xbox, but long exclusive contract runs through the fall of 2015, so there will be some time after Zlcomerh. Along with blue striped hit PvP dust Palace and a handful of weapons; PlayStation data in a bowl, certainly accumulate. Old School RS Gold Why all this content exclusive Xbox is one of being the most popular device does not stop in the black on Friday, in 2014, but it certainly gives a lot of motivation to commit to Sony Destiny.Do that exclusive content is reason enough to play a lot on a unit of Sony rather than one controller Microsoft?


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By wenyue
Added Dec 29 '16


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