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Operation Wildfire is now officially over. The associated Wildfire Case may for now drop for each player. Valve again revised update the sounds of some weapons in CSGO Skins. The bomb has new sounds.

Meanwhile, it is common that a particular scene of a Major tournament will be immortalized in the form of graffiti on the respective map. This time the ceremony of Ukrainian player Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev could claim. On cache, there is a one vs. two situation with the AWP by two no-scope results of its own - one of which was in the air and the other on not just a short distance.

Level Designer FMPONE who is responsible for the map cache, subsequently announced that this scene is immortalized by a graffiti. This was built with today's update and can now be seen on the wall in "Heaven" on B-spot.

Valve revised gradually the sounds of weapons. This time there were three SMGs turn: PP-Bizon, Mac-10 and UMP-45 have received new sounds and hear clearly now different. However, even with the bomb was taken something.

CS GO update.png

CS: GO Update 16.07.16

[ Operation Wildfire ]

– Operation Wildfire has come to a close.

– The Operation Wildfire case is available for all players.

[ Misc ]

– Added ESL One Cologne 2016 tournament finalists and champions to the Major Trophy.

[ Sound ]

– Increased fidelity for Bizon, Mac10 and UMP45 weapons.

– Unique reload and draw sounds for Bizon, Mac10 and UMP45 weapons.

– New sound for C4 disarm start and disarm finish, more in line with C4 plant sounds.

– New sound for empty magazine impacting with ground.

– Lowered volume of low ammo sound and added unique sound.

– Lowered volume of smoke grenade tail.

[ Maps ]

– Cache

— Added graffiti to commemorate ESL One Cologne 2016.

[ Mac/Linux ]

– Fixed maps that use Squirrel scripting, including the Weapons Course map.

– Fixed a Linux memory leak.

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By 4csgoskins
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