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HOUSTON – Any time Marcus Stroman is approached to discuss the successful start to his big league career, hes quick to credit two veteran teammates with helping his transition into the Blue Jays clubhouse. http://www.italiacalciostore.it/maglia-stefano-okaka.html . Hes talked about how Jose Bautista will approach him, even during his outings, to discuss how best to attack hitters. Stroman feeds off the advice, learning how big leaguers quickly make adjustments. Stroman also credits Mark Buehrle. The two talk pitching, naturally, but Buehrle has taken Stroman under his wing in other areas too. Most importantly is how to be a good rookie. "I think hes been doing the dumbest stuff and Ive had to call him out," said Buehrle. "I think the majority of stuff, pitching wise, Im not going to sit there and take credit for anything. Weve talked a few times about little things but I think the biggest thing that Ive tried to direct him and I tell every young guy that comes up, I say listen, I was a rookie, got picked on, I didnt like it. Youre going to get picked on, youre going to have to get your stuff done to you but if you have a question about where you need to be, what you need to wear, what you need to do, any of those questions come ask me and Im going to lead you in the right direction." Buehrle is glad to help because he experienced the other side of it. As a rookie with the White Sox in 2000, he asked veteran pitcher James Baldwin a rights-of-passage question and was intentionally misled, which resulted in Buehrle becoming the brunt of more jokes. "Ive always felt embarrassed and shy, I didnt enjoy it as much my first couple of years because I had no clue what to do and I asked the wrong guy and Im told to do the wrong stuff just to get picked on even more," said Buehrle. Last month in Anaheim as a bus was waiting to transport players to Angel Stadium, Stroman arrived in the lobby of the hotel wearing a pair of shorts. Josh Thole stopped him, Buehrle clarified the situation with the young pitcher, and Stroman went back to change into a pair of pants. Buehrle knows Stroman wasnt coming from a bad place. "He didnt even think, I cant wear shorts to the field. At home you can but on the road its one of those rules, I guess it started when I was told no tennis shoes, no shorts, no hats," said Buehrle. "Im just trying to pass on to the young guys and the guys on the pitching staff that hey, these are the rules when I came up, I feel theyre pretty good rules and they should continue. I dont think were asking too much." Buehrle got roughed up in his July 25 outing at Yankee Stadium, his shortest start in more than four years. His night was over and as he sat in the dugout, he caught Stroman in the middle of another baseball no-no. "I got my ass handed to me in the third inning, sitting there and I got taken out," said Buehrle. "I look over and I see him with a drink and a bag of chips in his hand, sitting there eating it. I wasnt really in the mood to tell him what to do, what not to do but I went over, Hey dude, you cant be having a bag of chips here on the bench." When a ballclub is on the road, there are two buses which take players from the hotel to the stadium. The veterans get the second bus unless they need to arrive at the ballpark early. Rookies are told to be first to work; to take the first bus. Stroman is diligent worker, always on time. "The pitching stuff, him working out, him doing whatever, I think he does a pretty good job at that, he doesnt really need to get talked to," said Buehrle. "Obviously hes got the talent and the stuff there but the other stuff, the rookie mistake stuff, Im there to direct him in the right direction." In spring training, Buehrle and Stroman were in the same practice group. One morning, the group went to the wrong diamond to begin the day. The result: a missed drill. The veterans teased Stroman, blaming him for the mishap. It wasnt his fault, just good-natured ribbing, but Buehrle told Stroman it was up to the youngster to know the schedule and lead the older guys to the right spots. "He came up to me, Hey, weve got to be on Field Two, then we go to Field Three so he kind of told me where we need to be," said Buehrle. Stromans got his own style. Follow him on Twitter and youll often see photos of his latest suit, bowtie, a pair of shoes hes just purchased. "Weve worn him out," said Buehrle. "In New York he wore those bright shoes and (we told him) Hey, make sure youre not focusing on those shoes, make sure youre focusing on pitching." Stroman, according to Buehrle, hasnt worn the shoes since. "He likes flashy stuff. Im not going to talk him out of it. I think its too much because Im not that way but some guys need that to succeed," said Buehrle. About the suits: Stroman was over the moon in New York after Buehrle took him, Todd Redmond, Rob Rasmussen, Aaron Sanchez and Ryan Goins to an exclusive shop for a suit fitting. Call it tradition, Buehrle passing on to others what Ken Griffey Jr. once did for him in Chicago. He clearly would have preferred the suit story not be made public. Buehrle never seeks additional attention. "It was a sign that hey, Im asking you to do some rookie stuff and youre doing it and youre being a sport about it and youre going about it the right way then this is kind of a thank you for being a good sport about it," said Buehrle. He sees a bright future for the Blue Jays on the mound. Buehrle is a believer in each of Stroman, Aaron Sanchez and Drew Hutchison. "Id give my left arm to take some of their talents and what theyre throwing now," said Buehrle. "Thats what Ive said with this whole trade deadline thing brought up, I dont know what teams were asking for but if its one of those guys its tough to get rid of because thats going to be the face of your franchise." Stromans confident. Hes got swagger. Maybe therell come a time when it rubs an opposing hitter or team the wrong way. But the last word about Stroman goes to Buehrle, a pretty good judge of character. "Hes a good kid." Italia Calcio Maglia . Both sides are having domestic troubles going into their meeting in Tuesdays Champions League round of 16 first-leg match, but it is arguably Barcelona which has more to prove. Saturdays 3-2 loss at Osasuna, coupled with Real Madrids 4-2 win over Levante on Sunday, left the defending Spanish champion 10 points behind its bitter rival, which has dropped only eight points all season. http://www.italiacalciostore.it/uomo-2016-europei-emanuele-giaccherini-italia-maglia-replica-puma-23-calcio-blu-prima-manica-lunga-maglietta-uefa-europei-calcio-campionato.html . According to the Winnipeg Free Press, the Blue Bombers confirmed that linebacker Henoc Muamba and wide receiver Chris Matthews worked out with the NFLs Minnesota Vikings after the window for free agents opened on December 1.I have almost no idea what to say anymore about conclusions and sports and because I never played any other sport at a high level, I would never speculate or conclude about what to do out of respect to that sport. I was casually listening to the radio and my interest piqued as the narrative of high school football was beginning. In the report and discussion, it was stated that a study was done on high school football players that over the course of just one year, there had been damage to the brain of a high percentage of players throughout the course of a single season. This was quite eye-opening because I always figured that it took collective years to see significant damage and violent pro football-type hits to create the damage necessary to have cognitive results. I guess, or maybe simply should say I was wrong to have a timeframe in my mind. Then on Monday, I was reading USA Today and on page 3 of the sports is a story of Kosta Karageorge, who was an Ohio State football player who took his life at age 22. He was a walk-on and knowing what I know about walk-ons in Division 1 football, he was a demonstration player which means he did a lot of hitting. Both educations to me, one auditory and one visual reading, got me thinking about concussions and football; that something is really wrong here but what to do I am embarrassed to say I really dont know. Sometimes I think that some people through genetics unfortunately just have a type of brain that absorbs the punishment more than rejects it. Having only the basics in brain physiology at university, I have no real idea, more of a theory but when you think of someone at 22 who had a concussion history doing what he did and a report about the effects of high school football, it does make your mind search for answers. I had three bad concussions dduring my college and pro career and remember the details of all three.http://www.italiacalciostore.it/uomo-daniele-padelli-italia-maglia-2016-puma-26-calcio-bianca-authentic-seconda-uefa-europei-campionato-manica-lunga-maglietta.html. And like many who have played football, Ive had many subtle moments of disorientation after unavoidable shots to the head. Fortunately, I feel fine and I think that is an issue because when you feel fine, you lose that ability to deeply relate. I have said if I had a son, I would hesitate to let him play football and this is from a person who has an occupation to promote the game. But I cant say with conviction that I would if I had. I know two players that are different after their careers and, out of respect, would never highlight them. And I wonder if there are others out there that I dont know about that live in quiet desperation. Are my perceptions changing about football? Yes, they are; not is a dramatic way but more in a way of conclusive awareness of a price you may pay. And I say may because there are also many football players who have been retired for many years like me that have no problems. Concussions in sports are still in a grey area but a grey area just through repetition does not paint a positive future. Maybe it is the study of genetics and mans mastery of that knowledge base that could perceive the future and keep people safe that are suspect before they play. I will be the first one to put football in its proper place. It is a sport and only a sport. Good things happen out of it but the sport has little significance to what is important. Yet people pay a price later in life for action taken in the youth of life. I wonder if were all in denial and 30 seconds later. I wonder if it is a slight overeaction because health care is better than ever. But what really bothers me is I wonder why I have no idea what to say or conclude anymore. It is not that I am numb, more confused. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '

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