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The Lost Ways Review

Many argue that the most important tool you have on you while hiking has nothing to do with your backpack gear- it is your mind. Panic will only lead to inner chaos and you don’t want that to mess with your witty plan to get back safely to civilization. Once you realize you are lost, let someone know via phone or GPS Messenger.

People usually forget that staying in one place is very important, as it increases your chances of being found. So you should mark it somehow (bunch of rocks put together or a stack of tree branches) and start scouting the area, returning to the initial spot at regular time periods.

Always remember then in your camping trips, water is the most important asset you have. People can survive weeks without food, yet just three days maximum without water, so treasure it the best way you can, save it the best way you can. The best and most reliable source is a spring, but chances of finding one are not so great. In desperate times you can gather dew off plants in the morning or drink from a running river, risking to get ill, in order to go on living.


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By albanko
Added Mar 22 '16


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