nba 2k16 mt Lakers gave him a max contract? from CHELSEASPE's blog

According to sources, after working together for two seasons, nba 2k16 mt Parsons and calf will definitely parted ways. When asked how much Parsons opportunities and calf contract, sources said: "No chance."

Mavericks made it clear that they will not give Parsons provides maximum contract, which led to the two sides broke up, according to sources, the Grizzlies and the Lakers are Parsons suitors. A recent interaction with the fans in the nba 2k16 mt Twitter, Parsons said he hoped to get a maximum contract, he has early Bird, renew if the Mavericks can get the maximum four-year $ 98.8 million contract, while joining other teams can only get a four-year US $ 94.8 million.

Mavericks owner Mark - Mark Cuban attempt to communicate with Parsons, after the two had together last summer recruit DeAndre - Jordan. Sources said that Parsons did not consider carefully made the decision out of the contract because he believed from the current market conditions as well as their ability to see, he can get a higher salary, a longer term contract .

But the Mavericks did not put Parsons as their most important goals, they will chase Grizzlies guard Mike - Conley and the Miami Heat center Hassan - Whiteside, according to sources, Cheap nba 2k17 coins in the free market door the first day opened, and the Mavericks will be meeting with Conley and Whiteside.


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