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"This team wants to achieve their goals, Ibaka is undoubtedly an important puzzle, he will become a defensive beast, and the team will also be one of the league's best defensive team." magic coach Vogel said, "we have been emphasizing Buy nba 2k16 mt coins ps4 defense, but you need someone who can get the job done."

Ibaka, 26, admitted that he is looking forward to playing a bigger buy nba 2k16 mt coins ps4 role in this team, to play more of a leadership role on the offensive end to find the sense of presence, and to provide the team required for defense.

"I feel great." Ibaka said, "I feel back when he first entered the league, I'm excited, I'm looking forward to new challenges, I know it's not easy, but when you beat a barrier in front when difficulties, you can become great. "

Ibaka in Thunder last season, averaging 12.6 points 6.8 rebounds and 1.9 blocked shots in Orlando, he will play a more active role, he will wander at power forward and center positions as needed, and this magic has two branches and less Du Wei Thunder completely different characteristics, which also need to adapt to ibaka.

Ibaka said he has already done to prepare to meet the challenges, he also wanted to own in the past seven seasons learned to Orlando. "They have a great group of players, with a nba 2k17 coins Young and talented, and know when to play with these people, this feeling is always great, I was excited, because I know what I can bring to them. "ibaka said.


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