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First domestic CS GO Skins grassroots player oriented events "B5CS: GO match" the second official, war on July 2nd to reject any professional players to participate in this game, and innovative team according to ELO score sorting and grouping, the maximum guarantee the game level degree of wonderful and a close game.

Wonderful against daily

On July 11, 2016 in the evening 8:00, the second B5 CS: GO match ushered in the second round of the final battle, winning team will get the last a ticket into the third round, the second team ELO segmentation between 1700 ~ 2200, is the competition registration team up to the largest concentration of segmented, battling endless, wonderful competition emerge in endlessly.After days of game out, finally a promotion team would come in TEAMARS and MociusT.

MociusT perfect performance last promotion

TEAMARS battled MociusT choose map respectively castles, cache and the DUST2.The day before the game, MociusT in the castle, this map to easily won 16-5.TEAMARS is also good, in the history of the castle, so who can win the castle in the both sides BO3 seems particularly important.

The race started on time, TEAMARS synthetic-aperture, watertight defensive let them made 5-2 start in CT.The game came to the key in the first half of the eighth inning, MociusT must play more in attack tactics, or you must have a big deficit in the first half, on their own self-confidence will have a very big blow.In the after the attack, MociusT flawless castles on the classic springboard tactics, eventually will the bianconeri at the end of the first half of September 6!MociusT as defenders of CT in the second half, began to play their own routines.Practice speaking, CSGO as CT party (defense) is easy to perform their own established tactics.With excellent marksmanship and identification of execution.Opponents can't win, how to play TEAMARS no temper 7-16 lose both sides BO3 first.

After a short break, the race to the next map Cache, we are very pleased to see TEAMARS are not under the first defeat of the negative impact, instead, they played much better more toughening, detrimental in the first half of the cases with 7-8 score only one point behind.But again, familiar MociusT when CT defense in the second half.Various routines, with all sorts of small, surprisingly, is that still have been grass-roots team?Instant scored eight points, so that they two 16-7 as the last one on the third round of team.

Throughout MociusT recent performances, their marksmanship slouches.

And there are some own routines.Small range with the tacit understanding between the players.The vision is obvious., four games the second half of the total, allowing a 1 minute only.And also a walk-over their opponents, as yesterday TEAMARS caused MociusT considerable trouble in the first half, but once in the second half of the field, MociusT as defenders, controlled the game completely, rolling over on the way.Explanations are also attracted by this team, consistent impact on the final didn't think they are very strong.

At this point the second B5 cs go skin for sale match a second round of the game already all over, first of all, congratulations to those who are outstanding success promotion team, at the same time regret losing teams don't be discouraged, B5 against platform will always be the stage of grass-roots team to show your self!

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