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NEW YORK -- Colts linebacker Erik Waldens head-butt and Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldsons helmet-to-helmet hit have earned one-game suspensions from the NFL. Keylor Navas Jersey . NFL Vice-President of Football Operations Merton Hanks announced the punishments Monday. Walden pulled off the helmet of Titans tight end Delanie Walker, then slammed his own helmet into Walkers head during Indianapolis game against Tennessee on Thursday. It was similar to what Texans defensive end Antonio Smith did in the preseason to Miami guard Richie Incognito, earning Smith a one-game ban in the regular season and for two exhibition games. Walden was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct but not ejected from the Tennessee game. Goldson was penalized for unnecessary roughness for his hit on a defenceless receiver, Roddy White, against Atlanta on Sunday. It was Goldsons third such violation this season. He was fined $30,000 for hitting a defenceless player in the head and neck area in Week 1, then was initially suspended for a game for a helmet-to-helmet hit in Week 2. That ban was changed to a $100,000 fine on appeal. UPDATE: Both players appealed their suspensions and both were affirmed on Tuesday. Fabio Coentrao Jersey .K. Subban in the final minute of Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. "I obviously got caught up in the moment," Thornton said on an offday at the TD Garden. Custom Real Madrid Jersey . Goran Dragic, whose breakout season helped the Phoenix Suns make a remarkable transformation, was presented the most improved award at a ceremony Wednesday at US Airways Center.Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at Hi Kerry, Im sure your InBox is flooded with questions about the Alex Burrows hit to the head that should have been five and a game for a late hit, but I think everyone knows that the refs blew that call and a suspension should follow. My question is about your thoughts on the overtime in the Montreal-Vancouver game. The refs called an interference penalty on Tom Gilbert, which was deserved as he threw a pick. However, what goes through a refs head when during that power play for Vancouver - the Canucks throw not one, but two picks, that both officials clearly see and choose not to call them? What goes through a refs head when he chooses to purposely not call two obvious penalties that would have changed the outcome of the game? Thanks, Josh --- Big fan of the posts but an even bigger fan of your work on the ice. As an official, I thought the refs had it right with Tom Gilberts pick. It looked like Vancouver may have set two themselves! Id love to read what you have to say! Thanks, Cal Josh and Cal: Alex Burrows should get some time off without pay to think about why he would dare make such a late, high hit from a poor slide-through angle that resulted in significant contact to the head of Alexei Emelin. There was no call on the play as both referees were guilty of puck watching after Emelins pass through the neutral zone was picked off by Nick Bonino. Both refs focused on the change of puck possession at the red line and got their wires crossed as to who should remain focused on a potential finishing check. We will await a decision by the Player Safety Committee on this dangerous and careless illegal check to the head. While Im okay with the refs decision to penalize Tom Gilbert once he set a moving pick by going East-West against Alexander Edler, two separate picks on the ensuing power-play set by Radim Vrbata and then Kevin Bieksa were every bit deserving of a penalty call; if not more so. The infractions took place in open ice where both referees would have had a clear view of the play. So why were no armbands raised; not once but twice? It appeared to me that the referees became stubborn when they detected some attempts at salesmanship by the Montreal players to get the call. The picks were legitimate as contact was deliberately initiated by the Vancouver players in open ice. Any minor theatrics that might have taken place following the illegal picks was not worthy of keeping the whistle in the holster; especially with Gibert serving a penalty for the same infraction. I am also sure there was some conscious thought proceess not to be perceived as whistling the dreaded make-up call. Marcelo Jersey. Common sense and sound judgment should have overridden both of these debilitating thought processes to whatever degree they existed in the mind of either referee. I fully endorse every effort to eradicate embellishment from the game. The referees have been instructed to make diving/embellishment a focus of emphasis as we have seen in this young season. However, with a four on three situation in OT that created plenty of open space on the ice this was not the appropriate time to become either stubborn or attempt teach players a lesson about theatrics. Vrbata dished the puck from the top right faceoff circle to Edler in the middle. Tomas Plekanec fronted Edler from a distance as the lone Habs high defender on the PK formation. As Edler walked the puck toward the right side Vrbata skated directly at Plekanec, who was attempting to mirror the movement of the puck carrier. Vrbata initiated direct and deliberate contact with the Montreal defender. To restate; there was plenty of ice for Vrbata to take without bumping into Plekanec. The deliberate contact initiated by Vrbata detained Plekanec from moving freely in his attempt to remain in front of Edler and establish position in the shot-block lane. A momentary stall/pause was then followed by a reaction from Plekanec as his body rotated and dropped to one knee. I see this as any easy call to make and both referees should have raised their arm the instant that contact was initiated. Any subsequent reaction from Plekanec was minimal and of no consequence to the infraction committed by Vrbata on the power-play. Not long afterward, with 49 seconds remaining in the power-play, Bieksa retrieved the puck at his blue line with Manny Malhotra in pursuit. Bieksa retreated into the Canuck end zone as Malhotra backed off toward center ice. Bieksa started up ice, dropped the puck for Chris Higgins who swooped in from behind, and then proceeded to run a perfect one-man Flying V to engage and contact Malhotra at the red line! Malhotra was attempting to intercept Higgins by moving laterally to his right but was taken out by Bieksas body contact and stick restraint. I can only suspect that the subsequent left leg swoop that Malhotra utilized might have given the referees a false impression of the play. I know Manny Malholtra to be an extremely honest player; hes as honest as the day is long! This deliberate interference, initiated by Kevin Bieksa, was more worthy of a penalty than the two previous picks set by Gilbert and Vrbata. With five seconds remaining in Tom Gilberts interference penalty, Daniel Sedin deposited the puck behind Carey Price for the OT power play winner. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '

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