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On March 23, 1977, Uruguay could not qualify for best fifa coins sites the actual universal tournament in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For the first time, Uruguay was eliminated by Bolivia. What happened?
Before the army came to power in 1973, Uruguay -it is about the dimensions of the state of Missouri- won several world championships and worldwide medals.

For example , only Hungary and the United Kingdom have more Olympic titles than Uruguay. Such as Real Madrid (Spain), Juventus (Italy) and Manchester Usa (Great Britain), Pe? arol, one of the most famous clubs within Latin America, won often the Club World Cup (1961 and 1966). Furthermore, which Latin American nation functions produced more players when compared with any other nation in the world.

Numerous footballers, including Jose Nasazzi, Alvaro Gestido and Pedro Petrone, have won overseas fame. Certainly the most famous cost was "If we are world champions in football, if so we most be world champions in everything".

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