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  Here are some tips and tricks about "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" provided for you.all CSGO Skins This is an old player summed up in actual combats. After reading, maybe it would offer you some helps.

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  Bomb disposal equipment can help you save a lot of time

  When starting, buy bomb disposal equipment.

   This trick may be not worth mentioning. But some people buy a lot of grenades while reluctant to spend money to buy a bomb disposal equipment. The bomb disposal equipment can reduce half the time!


  Do not trouble yourself buying equipment

  Save money!

   Each player would equip the best-equipped weapon as much as possible at the beginning of each round. In fact, at the beginning it's better not to equip the best weapons. If you don't play well, you will be at a disadvantage position, you may only afford a basic pistol in the end.

  Go static steps, listening to identify bits, must be master

  Listening quietly, move staticly!

   A good headset for any players who want to be in the first row is quite essential. When you move around in a map, pay attention to listen to the sound, especially the enemys'moving footsteps behind the door and corner. You can clearly hear their footsteps, and then decide whether to launch a surprise attack or ambush.

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