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Most of the people are unaware about the moving cost and on which factors charges are levied by the movers. To answer all your queries with regards to the moving charges, we are providing you the necessary information to help you negotiate with the professionalpackers and movers hyderabad:

Most of the reputed packers and movers company determine the moving charges based on the following factors:

·         Distance: Distance is one of the most important factors to determine the cost of moving. The movers consider the distance between the two destinations to arrive at the final cost. Distance and cost of moving is directly related. More the distance, higher is the moving cost.

The appropriate charges based upon distance are generally calculated according the mentioned aspects:

a.       Within the locality: For this move, movers may not carry the entire packing paraphernalia and therefore quote you a reasonable amount

b.      Within the city: For this type of move, the movers determine the total inventory to deploy the right sized truck and manpower to submit the appropriate quote

c.       Outside the city: If you are moving long distance to another city, there are factors like total distance, part or full load, size of the truck, road tax and other government levies to calculate the entire cost together with the cost of packing material and manpower.

·         Total volume of Household belongings: Similar to the distance, the number of household items to be relocated to the new place is also directly related to the cost of moving.  More the quantity, more the manpower requirement thus higher will be the moving quote submitted by the experts.

Appropriate charges based upon the number of household items:

For local move:

·         Packing material: The over-all moving charges includes the cost for  packing supplies like carton boxes, quality packing tapes, bubble wrap, permanent marker pens, original electronic boxes, wardrobe boxes and other wrapping materials required to pack all the household belongings  safely during home relocation process. The approximate cost of packing material depends on the total volume in cubic feet metrics. Higher the cubic feet volume, higher the material cost.

·         Skilled manpower: The number of man power required again depends upon the total cubic feet metrics of the volume. Professional moving companies arrive at the total manpower requirement on the total volume they derive during the survey.

·         Transit insurance: This depends upon customer whether to take the cover which is generally purchased for a long distance move between two cities. All professional movers suggest you to purchase transit insurance for your valuable items. This allows you to recover your lost or damaged item during the moving process in the form of compensation. Your premium is calculated on the total value you declare for your goods which is calculated between 1 to 1.3% of the total value declared.

·         Moving truck: There are various sized of trucks and Movers deploy the truck depending upon your total volume.

·         Taxes:  GST is the only tax currently operational in India. Apart from GST, a few states in India also levy Green Tax. There are also Union charges in Kerala and Pune. Your quote may differ according to the state you are likely to move into.

·         Handyman services: Some reputed movers and packers bangalore also provide handyman services like plumbing, electrician, AC uninstallation and installation and charge you additionally for the same. This is included in the quote if you have asked for such services in advance.

By the above information, you can be aware about the approximate moving charges and how the movers will charge. This will help you to choose professional packers and movers vijayawada who offer reasonable moving quotes and make your move safe.

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