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royj Jul 26 '16
It's just a saying that came about on bodybuilding com forum because kids were asking stupid ass questions like "Can I eat a pop-tart on mydietand the answer is "well if it fits your macros " Then they started abbreviating it IIFYM because they were sick of answering stupid questions look you can include a little bit of junk food in your diet but for the most part most people with like a good physique are eating whole foods and are eating, even the people who rep IIFYMthey're out there saying that ninety percent of your diet should be whole foods and nutrient-dense foods not pop tarts and Captain Crunch to meet all your freaking' macro needs but it's like things get misrepresented and taken to extremes Testo vital and then these kids come on and start bashing anybody was like doing a ketodietand it's like dude I'm not out here saying that everybody needs to do ketoitbetter than IIFYM for whatever reason it's just..

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