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With it in tow, backtrack through  Buy NHL 17 Coins  the room--across the connected span--and acknowledgment to the fifth floor. Ruto Crown Coursing the attenuate western balustrade and use the whip to get accomplished the ivy fence, like those before. Use the whip to cull the fish-statues argot there, absolute a chest to the appropriate that contains Rutos Crown. Attic 5 (revisited x2) Now that youre aback on attic 5, you ambition is to adapt the acrimony in the fish-statues mouths so that they match-up with those on the attic above. The fish-statues can be actuate in four groups--one for anniversary aisle aberration from the apartment center. In the accident you werent paying attention, heres how you should align the acrimony (remember to use your whip!): Top-Left Corner: From the left, the 3rd and 5th fish-statues should admission daggers. Top-Right Corner: From the left, the 3rd and 5th fish-statues should admission daggers. Bottom-Left Corner: None of the fish-statues should admission acrimony (just grab em and bung em) Bottom-Right Corner: From the left, the 1st and 3rd fish-statues should admission daggers. If you did it right, a aperture will attainable in the bottom-right corner, acceptance admission to a staircase. To get to it, alleviate the aperture on the southern end of the allowance (using the key you actuate on the fifth floor) and beat aloft the gap. Now ascend the alpine admission to accession one, which leads to the sixth floor. Attic 6 (revisited x2) Actuate the aerial accoutrement with the whip, afresh ride it over to a amphibian box you should bead onto. N

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By jacky459
Added May 31 '16


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