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The cold winter season was getting on my nerves and under my skin. I was shivering with all of my beings. My teeth were also busy chattering due to the cold that I felt. The bathroom seemed to be my best friend as I kept running in and out of it every hour to relieve my bladder. I wondered what had gotten into me that I had decided to come to study overseas. The weather wasn’t meshing well with me. If I wasn’t busy getting sick, I was busy spending time in the bathroom. It was a miracle how I found time to spend time in the classroom without running out to the bathroom. I could not even concentrate on my assignments as I struggled to understand the external environment around me.

This led me to use  for my assignments. Cups and cups of coffee and cocoa would find themselves in my trash can. My roommate seemed to wonder what was happening with me. She also asked me once if the country I came from ever experienced cold weather. To her, it seemed like I must have come from a planet such as Mercury. I knew that I had to find a way to withstand the cold weather so that I could focus on my academic endeavors.



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