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Placement recruitment agencies Bangalore

Most of the placement recruitment agencies in Bangalore offer free consultancy and some are paid consultancy in Bangalore and a fresher employ themselves in  different ways

Employment exchanges.

Registering their name in placement recruitment agencies.

Registering their names in Naukri and other job sites.

Referrals by family and friends.

Recommendations by family and friends.

Attending various job Mela .

Applying to various job posted in various job Portals.

Attending Career counseling centers.

An experiences candidate employs or seeks a job change using the below methods.

Applying online

Referrals by family and friends.

Recommendations by family and friends.

Applying to related job posted in various job Portals.

Placement recruitment agencies in Bangalore are the best for a consultation in any scenario of job change or for a fresher looking for a challenging career opportunity.

Before Sending your resume to any Placement recruitment agencies in Bangalore kindly note down the below points.

Write a covering letter addressing the recruiter on points as below.

Excerpted CTC

Current CTC

Notice Period

Willingness to relocate.

In subject line do kindly mention the position applying for

For example

Front Office Executive in a 4 start hotel with an experience of 3 years.

Front end developer with an experience of 7 years.

Sales and Marketing Personal with  5 years experience in Car / Pharmaceuticals sales.

A good written Resume is a good selling agent for the applicant and good resume writing can be done online by available options in the Market.

Try googling resume writing services for a list of companies doing the same.

Once Selected or short listed the candidates will be requested to submit the following documents and going through the following procedures.

Written test on any given subject matter of expert.

Relieving letter from the percent Working company.

Current  CTC Statement  or Salary Slip.

Reference Check or back ground verification.

Relieving latter from the current employer.

Employment offer letter.

On joining the company.

Pre-placement Talk

A briefing session by the Human Resource department to the candidates about the new company.

A formal introduction of the new employee

Scope of work and nature of the work briefed by the HR.

Any Candidate fresher or a Job seeker needs to note the below points in searching for a Job.

1.When you are in the wrong Job or wrong path you either lose your job or get Fired and that's a indication of  moving towards the right path or the right job.

2.An obstacle in your career path is just a stepping stone or a stumbling block.

3. The key to success is self-confidence and the key to self-confidence is qualification, rehearsal and preparation of one self.

4.When one finishes his or her Collage there is a thousand similar people seeking a job similar to yourself with the same Qualification and its yourself to shine the best in yourself to set your style and your  mood has to be controlled or contrarily it's your master.”

5.There is no Substitute to hard work and its sweat determination that makes ones dream come a reality and to be a winner it is about embarrassing the pain in the end that may arise out of the struggle and determination you had taken to reach the level you had dreamed..

6. Opportunity can be missed by most people cause it comes in a disguise of hard work and an Opportunity never knocks in any door rather it a individuals ability to foresee an opportunity and strive toward the same.

7.It would always be better to have a good guide and a well wisher as a guide in the process of Job searching and little push as a mentor would push any Individual to move towards the right path and people who are unable to motivate themselves are those who are content with mediocrity and it does not matter how impressive is an individual's own capability and expertise is.

8. Continuous Failures is just a process of fine tuning ones effort to Perfection and the future belongs to the one who believes in the beauty of his imagination and fantasy.

9.The correct definition of aberration is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results.

10.The blocks in the road to success is just to show case how badly we need to overcome the blocks and achieve our goal to success.

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Consultancy in Bangalore

Layoffs raining good news for the Start up industry ! !

Globalization means lots to us and that does not matters to two thirds of the population in the world and at no time in the history of the universe has the cancellation of Christmas orders in California meant layoffs in India.

A recession is very bad for the Society, but it's the best time for start ups. When there is massive layoffs, there's more competition for the available jobs in the market and which means that an entrepreneur can hire freelancers at a lower cost.

We Share our story and  we do have enough experience in hiring a laid off employee !

You must be thinking if I have taken leave of my senses. How can people losing jobs be good news for anyone? Well, firstly, I must assure you that I possess a perfectly healthy (or near enough) state of mind. And what I am saying is indeed good news.

From retail to IT giants, organizations are laying off employees due to non-performance. While it's tough on employees, one must not overlook the brighter side of things. There are lots of rapidly growing start ups that are looking for skilled talent which they can readily get from employees recently given the pink slips and looking for work.

Here are a few benefits start ups can reap by hiring a laid off employee:

The employee comes with his own skill set and experience, and hence, won’t take much time to be fully productive.

You can save money on training costs and other expenses till the employee becomes productive.

You can hire a trained and experienced employee at a lower salary than the current market standards.

The employee can join work without much delay and an experienced employee can double as a guide and mentor to the team, saving considerable cost.

Bangalore Secretary Services is here to provide you with the best skilled force in the industry and Bangalore Secretary Services are in the business of consultancy in Bangalore prioritizing their level of expertise in head hunting, Placement consultancy in Bangalore, Senior level executive search in Bangalore.

And don't ever forget'Hire Nice or Hire Twice'

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SEO services in Bangalore




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