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Food additives can be classified into types of classification according to its origin, function classification and safety evaluation. Food additives by sources can be divided into three categories in the international: natural extract; material prepared by the fermentation method, such as citric acid, although some of them are chemically synthesized but its structure are the same with the structure of natural compounds; pure chemical compounds, such as sodium benzoate.

The advantages of food additives are as follows: improve the development of modern food industry; improve the food texture and flavor; etc. Most nature foods have their own food colours and odors, but their own colors may fade or lost during the manufacturing or storage. As a result, edible food colors ingredients added to food during the processing to improve food sensory properties and maintain its colors.

According to the source of food colorings, food colorings extracted from plants,animals (microorganisms are included) are natural food coloring. For example, Lac Red are extracted from Lac female secretions; anthocyanins extracted From grape skin. And those with chemical synthesis ways are artificial food coloring. Such as carmine, lemon yellow, etc.

Color food additives are very safe when used properly. There are kinds of food additives used in food. Foods with ingredients are not added the more the better, such as pigments, adding too many colors will deviate from expected. Will you eat food with too much sweeteners? So, due to the natural of some food additives, they cannot be added too much. But views about foods without additives are different.

In short, the functions of additives and process of this product have a great relationship. Sometimes, the same kinds of food additives play different roles in different foods. The purpose of food additives is to improve the quality of food and convenient food processing. The most common food additives are monosodium glutamate food additive, maltodextrin food additive, trisodium phosphate food additive, sulphur dioxide food additive, sorbic acids, citric acid, preservative sodium benzoate, etc. They belong to categories of food additives. Different additives have different functions. The food additives and health are still an important issue, so food additive manufacturers or food additive companies need to be strictly to the quality.



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