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Chinese Medicine is Well known for it effective treatment result. This medicine not only maintains your health but also provide mental peace. chi kung is the best healing way to treat body and mind. It may be used as a daily routine to extend overall health and well-being, further as for un wellness bar and longevity. It creates balance, will increase the body's energies and develops feelings of health, strength, and well being. 

In this Therapy uses of the natural functions of body to unleash stress, develop flexibility, coordination and stamina, and to heal chronic joint and back issues this consist of postures, movements, respiration techniques, and mental exercises. Postures might involve standing, sitting, or lying down.  Meditations and mind exercises area unit wont to enhance the mind and move chi throughout the body. These exercises area unit usually visualizations that concentrate on completely different elements of the body. This artwork is called mental exercise. Irene Sanchez Celis is the best master of this discipline said that this therapy is now accepted by western doctors also. Master of this therapy is respected because masters are not available everywhere.



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