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It’s a premium sex doll with enough performance to look like a masturbation companion, but there’s a way to make them even more performant.

First up are advanced shemale sex dolls equipped with AI.

This is usually sold under the name “AI Love Doll” and is equipped with high performance AI and artificial intelligence. When I woke up in the morning, I said hello to her next to me, and while talking about the pillow of love, I was full of joy and satisfaction after sex. AI love dolls can communicate not only words but also their emotions through eye and mouth movements and facial expressions.

Unfortunately, they are still unable to take the initiative. However, if technology develops in the future, the day when AI love dolls can act autonomously, help with housework and work, and become a real “life partner” may be near! “Custom” luxury sex dolls are also one of the ways to make them more sophisticated.

From subtle changes such as changing the skin color of the original sex doll, changing the color of the eyes, to mobilizing joints that cannot be moved by default, and transforming hair from wigs to flocking. Most manufacturers offer free customization for small customizations and pay for mass customization.

If I wanted to get closer to my tastes and add more and more paid customizations, that’s almost double the price I usually buy.

However, someone might say, “That little customization isn’t enough! I’m going to make my own sexy doll from scratch!” If that’s you, you can try to find a manufacturer that makes all custom sex dolls from the start .

In this way, you can completely create your own luxury sex doll, not only in terms of looks such as eye color and facial features, but also in styles such as bust, hip, and limb length.


You should buy a luxurious sex doll and not regret buying a cheap best real doll!

This time we introduce various luxury sex dolls. As I said before, the high price of a sex doll is the same as the high price of a sex doll. Making sex dolls more human-like and more satisfying as a partner costs money. Instead of half-baked, buying a cheap sex doll, buying a luxury sex doll you like, even if it feels a little expensive, is a completely different kind of satisfaction.

Fortunately, the demand and supply of sex dolls are increasing these days, probably because of the increase in the number of sex doll manufacturers. If supply and demand increase, the price of sex dolls will drop as a whole, which can be said to be an era when sex dolls are easily available.





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