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In midfield, Cazorla chose the 03-04 season unbeaten Arsenal side, from left to right three people is Pires, Gilberto and Vieira, and on the right side of midfield, active teammate Mesut Ozil squeezed out of the permanent Berri.

Arsenal star Cazorla has selected the best team in the history of his heart, and only one of the active players in the active team named Mesut Ozil.

Cazorla has  buy fifa 17 coins been at Arsenal for four years, but in his view, the current wave of his teammates, it seems that the distance from the generation of brilliant gunmen still gap. In the goalkeeper position, he chose England's central defensive partner is David Seaman, sol Campbell and earlier period Tiexue captain Adams, fullback Ashley is Sagna and Cole, two has left for rival gunmen.

The front, cheap fifa 17 coins Cazorla chose the classic combination of Arsenal's history: Henry and Bergkamp, the two people together for the Gunners to score 262 goals.

A Senna's Cazorla history best lineup: 442

Goalkeeper: Seaman

Defenders: Campbell, Adams, Sagna, Ashley - Cole

Mesut Ozil, Gilberto, midfielder Vieira, Pires

Vanguard: Henry, Bergkamp



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