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Aluminum alloy doors and windows refer to doors and windows made of aluminum alloy extruded profiles as frames, stiles, and fan materials. They are called aluminum alloy doors and windows, or aluminum doors and windows for short. The production of aluminum alloy doors and windows is through a series of rigorous tests, and only after reaching the specified performance indicators can they be shipped and installed. The quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows can be roughly judged from the selection of raw materials (aluminum profiles), aluminum surface treatment and internal processing quality, and the price of aluminum alloy doors and windows. So, what are the four characteristics of aluminum alloy doors and windows?folding patio doors lowes

1. Sealing design

First of all, the sealing design of the unit door and window is the most critical. The main structure of the seal is between the unit and the protection frame and between the sealing and the protection frame and between the cells and the protection box. Two or more between the cells and the protection box should be used. The sealing between the seals between the holes is a continuous rubber seal; the sealing structure design between the protective frame and the hole should have different structures in accordance with the form of a target design, so that the protection between the frames should generally be kept independent The entrance waterproof mortar is used after the hole is sealed, and the waterproof silicone protective frame can be used to seal the window opening between the inner and outer finishes. tilt and turn windows uk

2. Waterproof design

Waterproof design is one of the highlights of doors and windows. You can do waterproof modular design on the door. Double waterproof design. The waterproof design of the equipment itself. The doors and windows on the second floor of the shielded box are set according to the drainage holes and units. The position where the frame and the unit body are connected also opens the drain hole. Rain water or condensed water is directly discharged from the drainage port to the body under normal conditions. If the cell body and the protection box between the rainwater infiltration or leakage caused by the poor internal drainage of the unit body and the cavity profile condensate are not tightly sealed, it can pass through the second layer of the waterproof protection box to drain smoothly.

3. Energy-saving design

Both use protective boxes and bridge thermal profile window units (abrasion strip or distributed type), and the width of the thermal insulation structure can be adjusted according to the requirements of energy-saving goals. Due to the unit door and window interface design and the single cavity plug structure, the front door and window unit can be easily connected to one side of the elastic insulating material (extruded polystyrene material or polyurethane material), which can effectively hinder the air circulation inside the cavity of the splicing unit. The energy-saving effect far exceeds other similar energy-saving windows, and it also has the effect of sound insulation and noise reduction. double hung window images

4. seismic design

A special plug-in installation compatible structure for unit doors and windows enhances the displacement capacity of the main structure of the window, which can effectively absorb seismic effects, temperature changes, and inter-story displacement. It is more suitable for the seismic requirements of different regions than traditional doors.

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When a new house is repossessed for decoration, many people will replace the doors and windows for safety and beauty. What is the reason? Is this necessary?

Why do I need to replace the doors and windows of a new house? The reasons are as follows:

   1. In order to save costs, the original doors and windows used most of the raw materials used in ordinary building profiles, not to mention the poor feel, and the quality is poor. Such materials are resistant to wind pressure and are easily deformed and damaged when blown by strong winds.

  2. The sound insulation and heat insulation effect of the original doors and windows is not ideal. The rubber strips are prone to ageing over time, affecting the appearance and service life, and there will also be air and rain leakage.

  3. The original doors and windows are not in place during civil construction or the owner's construction, causing scratches and mud fall, which are difficult to repair and clean, and affect the appearance and use of the doors and windows.

   4. The color used in the original doors and windows is difficult to match with the home color system, and it does not match the style, so it needs to be replaced.

   home shelters you from wind and rain. It is the most comfortable and relaxing place where you need the most sense of quality. People who pursue it are paying more and more attention to the quality of home. For air-conditioning in summer and heating in winter, windows are the place where building energy is most consumed. Replace with a set of windows with good sealing and heat insulation performance, which can not only sound insulation, but also prevent noise and dust.

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Most of the villa owners will carefully decorate their homes, from the furniture layout to the overall decoration will unify the style and color. When choosing windows, try to choose a color that is consistent with the color of the furniture and the decoration, or a color that echoes it. In terms of window style, you can also choose European style or Chinese style, and other styles are unified with the overall style. With suitable curtains, the house will be more beautiful and warm.

The styles of the windows are rich and varied, and many special-shaped windows are applied properly and will have a unique style.

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1. Wash aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows and aluminum-clad wooden windows first with warm water, and then wipe with a damp cloth with a little alcohol. The glass of aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows and aluminum-clad wooden windows will be particularly bright.

2. Put the tooth powder in water, use this solution to wipe the aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows, and the glass sides of the aluminum-clad wooden windows. After drying, wipe with a cloth, and finally wipe with crumpled newspaper. Mix a little ammonia in the water (10:1), scrub the glass, and finally wipe it with a dry cloth and crumpled newspaper.

3. Wipe with slightly damp old newspaper. When wiping, it is best to wipe up and down vertically on one side, and wipe horizontally on the other side, so that it is easy to find the missing wipe.

4. Put some kerosene on the glass of aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows or aluminum-clad wooden windows, or use chalk dust and gypsum powder dipped in water to coat the glass to dry, wipe it with a clean cloth or cotton, the glass is clean and bright.

5. There is paint or dirt on the glass of aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows, and the glass of aluminum-clad wooden windows can be coated with some vinegar, and then wipe it off with a clean cloth after soaking. Such as aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows, and the glass of aluminum-clad wooden windows is black. You can wipe the glass with toothpaste on a fine cloth to restore the cleanness of the glass.

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How to choose soundproof doors and windows? The house is decorated, and the surrounding environment is very noisy, especially near the roadside and the street. I don't know how to choose soundproof doors and windows. Today, I deliberately sorted out the guide for selecting soundproof doors and windows.

1. Glass affects the sound insulation effect

  Glass occupies a large area of ​​doors and windows. In fact, soundproof windows mainly isolate high frequencies such as horns and whistle sounds, intermediate frequencies such as human voices and musical instruments, and low frequencies such as engine noise. There are so many glasses on the market, including: hollow laminated glass, laminated glass, hollow glass, and vacuum glass. 1 In addition to the type of glass, you must also look at the manufacturer's glass brand. Different glass quality greatly affects the sound insulation effect.

2. The profile affects the sound insulation effect

   Different profiles have different sound insulation effects. Aluminum profile specifications mainly include 60 series, 70 series, 90 series, 105 series, 110, 118, 120, 125 series, etc. This refers to the width of the main frame. If you want a good sound insulation effect, it is recommended to choose 90 series profiles, 105 series for high-rise 10 floors and above, and 110 series for villas.

3. The sealing strip affects the sound insulation effect

  Whether the window sealing strips and doors and windows are soundproof plays an important role. When choosing doors and windows, you must check whether the window sealing strips are resilient and extensible. The adhesive strip with good sealing performance must be elastic, black and bright in color and not easily deformed.

4. The way of opening the window affects the sound insulation effect

  The sound insulation effect of casement windows is better than that of sliding windows, because the two windows of sliding windows are not on the same plane, there will be some gaps that cannot completely isolate the sound insulation. You can consider choosing the window opening method that opens inside and outside, which saves space, has good sound insulation effect and high safety.

5. Installation affects the sound insulation effect

   "Three-point design, three-point workmanship, four-point installation", the quality of the soundproof doors and windows installed by the master will also affect the sound insulation effect. Stainless steel fixed corners are used for splicing, and high-strength sealant is injected at the splicing place, so that the soundproof window installed in this way has very good sound insulation, heat insulation and water tightness.

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We see in the market that the styles of aluminum alloy shutters are diverse, with diversified materials, which can make aluminum alloy shutters have a richer shape and make them like it more. aluminum windows manufacturer

The styles and uses of the newly-produced shutters are more diversified. For the blades of different textures, the shutters can have a lot of shapes, and many forms of shutters are applied to the furniture.

Nowadays, many shutters are used as innovative sliding doors and cabinet doors. This kind of innovation is very good, can maintain ventilation, can also block the line of sight, and can also block the entry of dust.

A brief introduction to the design requirements of aluminum alloy shutters:

(1) If it is used on a window, it should strictly follow the construction drawings and make samples in accordance with relevant requirements.

(2) When designing, we must strictly follow the requirements on the drawings, and also indicate the specifications, models, dimensions, quantities and specific locations.

(3) For aluminum alloy shutters, Hongqiqu and Feng aluminum profiles are used.

(4) The fixed wall thickness for the blade is 1.2mm, and the wall thickness of the frame material is 1.0mm, and the wall thickness for the blade is 1.0mm.

(5) The width of the blade is designed to be 6cm.

(6) The screws used to fix the blades should be made of stainless steel and must meet the quality standards.

(7) Aluminum alloy shutters must meet the national standards of GB/T5237-93 and GB/T8013, and also meet the requirements of the user.

(8) Aluminum alloy shutters should be sturdy and durable, and have good rain and water resistance. The surface should be sprayed with plastic color.

(9) If the height of aluminum alloy shutters exceeds 1.7 meters, according to the design method of mid-waist, waterproof devices should be installed on the top and bottom.

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