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My F10 is arrived at the dealer last night, should be picking up in the next couple of days.

How many of you have removed the X-Drive badge from the front fender?
I know it a personal choice thing, but to me it really spoils the lines of the car.

I removed the "Blue Efficiency" badge from the sides of my Emblem Zone for exactly the same reason.When it comes to "labels",like with women's makeup application,my attitude is "less is more".
i removed the xdrive from mine as well, but it was an 09. will do the same when I get my F10. Debadged, yes I did. Personally I think it looks so much better.
took off 535i and both xdrive.
I took mine off pretty quick, but I also removed the 550i too. Mine I also debadged everything for the same reasons to not clutter the nearly perfect design. However, I sometimes wonder if the car ever needed to be towed (and for some unexplainable reason I wasn't on the scene) a tow truck driver would lift the rear end of the car, drive off, and ruin the AWD drivetrain. I know you comment isn't not directed at me, but my Roundels are now a different color and my front reflectors are painted AW.
When you remove the Xdrive badges, did any of you use dental floss? Also after you removed it, was there any adhesive left and if so, what did you use to remove the leftover adhesive? Yes, dental floss. Very little residue was left and came off with a very gentle detailer's spray, Eagle, I believe. heat gun to soften adhesive. Can use hair dryer, but this takes longer. then fishing string, tied to two small pieces of wood. dental floss is too weak. To remove the adhesive, any of the following will work, Tarminator, Goo Gone or 3M adhesive remover. Make sure to add some wax over the area after as those chemicals will remove it.
Different car, but same principles...
The badges came off easily with floss. I then used GooGone to get rid of the adhesive. I followed up with polish and then wax. I took off the X drive and 550i badges right from the start. I used dental floss and a heat gun followed with some Afta. Then a little wax to finish it off. It is the best mod you can do....



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