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Have you ever hear an inspiring dad who is working hard to raise fund for his son’s treatment. Frank Dinucci, he is a hopeful and hardworking father and his son Frank Dinucci Jr. who is suffering from Duchenne Muscular. He and his father are raising fund as the cure of this disease can be found at University of Columbia. Father Frank is very much proud of Frank Dinucci Jr. and he wish to see his son walk and ailment free.

Come lets know more about Frank Dinucci, he actually resides in Raleigh and is blessed with two kids, six years old Frank Jr. and three years old Isabella. The year Isabella was born, His brother Frank Jr. was diagnosed with Duchenne. Frank Jr. is young and always carry positive attitude with him. He is in stable conditions after been diagnosed with such huge disease.


Talking about his hobbies and interests, after he is aware of his son disease, he one and foremost passion is to raise fund for his son as his disease could be cured. He has been travelling from New York City to Raleigh along with his Frank Jr. for collecting funds for the research of this disease. There have been many people who have offered him helping hands and they help him every year. After having two amazing kids, Frank loves to play with them and tries to spend his maximum time with them.

Let me brief you up with an incident happened with Frank Dinucci, when his son was three, he was treated with Duchenne, he was exceptionally worried and gave all expectations as the future of the infection was just till past teenager. But his son Frank Jr. was very much positive and this positivity was later gave hope to his father. After that they both started raising fund to the cure of this disease. He and his son, every year goes on to travel 500 miles along with their cargo bike and raise funds through it. They charge $ 10 for the ride – be it a five-minute ride or 500 miles. Alongside it, they will be offered free lunch and solidified frozen yogurt by the New York City neighborhood organizations.

Because of the hard work, both of them are able to collect enough funds in last 3 years. They have been to many medical associations including University of Columbia, where this fellowship is based. From the most recent three years, the Frank Dinucci family has helped in progression in the treatment openings, which have stretched out the normal future to 30 for this infection.

Let’s discuss about some of his achievements, today because of his hardwork, many people have supported him to raise funds for his sons disease. He never gave up for his son and his son only made him feel positive about everything.  Now his son’s life expectancy has raised to 30 years, as once it was only till his teen.




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