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That drop milk can be very difficult as you grew up taking it sytropin , and use it in recipes, shakes, etc. But there are alternatives. Well, first you need to know that soy milk is not a substitute for cow's milk. The soy industry is as powerful as the milk so no shortage is propaganda and even sytropin  scientific studies sponsored by this lobby trying to prove that soy is beneficial. For preparations from day to day, cow's milk can easily be replaced by vegetable milks, which are nothing more than "white juice" of some fruit or seed, so do not have lactose. Ideal rich options in protein and fat are: Coconut milk; Almond Milk; Sesame milk; Milk nuts; sunflower seed milk; Flaxseed milk; quinoa milk; Trans fat foods with trans fat: ice cream, margarine, sytropin  ice cream, biscuit, wafer, potato chips, snacks, sweets Trans fats are the most used by the food industry to make the most sequinhos, crunchy foods, look better and increase validity. This is the real dangerous fat that has several harmful effects to your health. Many studies to bind almost directly to most heart problems we have today. In addition to easy accumulation in the abdomen, it favors diabetes and increased blood pressure. It is produced artificially using cheap oils (such as soybean, corn and canola) mixed with minute metal particles, typically sytropin  nickel oxide (catalyst). Then this mixture is subjected to hydrogen gas in a high pressure, high temperature reactor. Then, starch and emulsifiers soap type are injected into the mixture to give greater consistency, and the oil is again subjected to high temperatures to be cleaned steam removing objectionable odor. The natural gray color of margarine sytropin , for example, is removed by bleach. Dyes and strong flavors are then added to make it similar to butter. Finally, the mixture is compressed into blocks and packed or tubes and sold as a health product. Foods that include trans fat: ice creams; fastfoods; pack snack foods; French fries; .



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