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2016 Copa America curtain is about to begin. Since the European Cup to go to the June 10 before the opening, so the Copa America is also the first world class competition after the FIFA general assembly, fifa 16 coins introduce a series of new regulations will be applied in this competition. In addition, Chile has also revealed that Copa America will implement some new rules, which is rare is that if insulted the referee in the penalty area, then it will be a penalty.

The International Football Association, which is responsible for modifying the football rules, approved 93 new rules on March 5, and after approved by fifa 16 pc coins in South America, the Copa America will implement the new rules. According to Ossus revealed, before the players abuse referees will be fined up to an indirect free kick, but the current Copa’s America, all abusive behavior will be the referee direct red card penalty under the direct free kick and penalty, if in the penalty area, the referee can be a penalty.

Prior to direct a significant barrier offensive opportunities, such as the last defender foul'll be sent off, and the Copa’s America, the referee will only show a yellow card, of course, if the action reached the standard red card, the referee will be fined . In addition, the arm can not be counted among the offside penalty, but when the players kick-off circle, the ball rolling forward and without lap. Copa America playoff overtime once appeared, both teams can get an extra substitution, the substitutions on both sides to four. Most importantly, it also allows the introduction of video assistant referees, the event goal is valid, whether the penalty, if a red card or a red card and a yellow card to present when human error problem, you can introduce video to help the assistant referee to judge. Do you want to buy fifa 16 coins. We are waiting for you on !
According to playerhot reports, Barcelona consultant Braida contract will expire in June 30. Barcelona Club for his contribution to the team doing very satisfied and hope to extend his contract. The new contract will be three years and one year option to extend the contract, although nothing has been determined fifa 16 coins, but the media said Braida very love this club and the city, he is inclined to accept the new contract.

It is reported that this is the team president Bartomeu and Sorrell explained to the team consultant and the club hopes to renew his idea fifa 16 android coins.

For it will be 70 years of age, this renewal in April for Braida reward. Barcelona is very satisfied with the work of the Italian people. Barcelona appreciates the consultant seasoned experience in the transfer market and his personal understanding of the world of football.

In addition, his good relationship with the technical director of the club is also a major reason for fifa 16 ultimate team coins the team to pay attention to him, the media also said before his call Barcelona was able to communicate with Juventus bogeba problem. sell least expensive fifa coins for XBOX360,XBOXone,PS3,PS4,IOS and automaton.You can conjointly learn latest fifa 16 news from .
The animosity amid our brother website SportsJOE and ourselves accomplished baking point over the endure week. Naturally there was abandoned one solution... a fifa 16 coins tournament.After several rounds, there was two attentive competitors left, SportsJOE's Conán Doherty and our own Joe Harrington. It was a close activity but there could abandoned be one victor.With clip accepting no best ascendant in the new FIFA 16 - like it was endure year - one-trick-pony Doherty was advancing up abbreviate if he was tasked with in fact arena football.

The bold is now set up with added able arresting - alone backs are added active and acknowledging to block afterwards speedsters and the defence works as a unit, their accession is astute and their interceptions are connected so SportsJOE's arrest approach were anon begin out.Secretly, us JOE lads bound ourselves abroad with the fifa 16 ultimate team coins Trainer afore the clash which, behindhand of accomplishment level, gives anybody a adventitious to attempt at a college level. The arch Harrington was whipping out new tricks unannounced like the no-touch distill aside and the bold affected accouterment move if the boys hit the field.

Watch the video to see JOE's Joe Harrington in fact bash an beneath able Conán Doherty. has been fully ready to welcome the new FIFA 16 by providing gamers full access to various in-game necessities for sell. True fans of fifa 16 points account now know where to go for FIFA 16 coins, credits, accounts and more.


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