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Students enjoy having fun while in campus that they can forget what took them there. The academic work should be your top priority when you get to college. However, the social activities can be tempting that you forget to write your assignments. You will procrastinate until the final days towards the deadlines. Students wake up every day, enthusiastic about the next entertainment spot they will go to. They prefer to go to clubs to party and meet with other students from other campuses who they dance and make merry with. Some students do not like stable relationships. They prefer to jump from one relationship to the other without commitments.

Academically, you have to ensure that you produce a superior paper that your instructors will be pleased with. Your instructors will not tolerate any form of excuses when it comes to your educational work. Students tend to change their relationship tastes especially in their third and fourth year of study. They search for spouses who are in the world of employment. They want to be driven into campus with flashy cars and being taken to the best restaurants. In all these, they place their academics on the back burner until it is too late.

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