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Gmail has become a very powerful yet economical way to run a business email. In addition to this, Google continuously keeps adding features and collaboration tools and with all the existing and added ones, Gmail might turn out to be a very useful service especially for small business provided you become aware of the features accessible. However, if you have you can call  Gmail Customer Support Number and get assistance anytime you need one.

Strategies to make use of Gmail for business

1. Get Google apps for business accounts and set up your domain mail to be hosted by

Google. You can even have custom emails for your staff and this would cost you a

small amount per year.

2. Make use of labels and filters offered by Gmail. There is no limit for creating labels in

Gmail for storing and organizing emails. With the help of filters you can automate

how your emails should be handled and stored.

3. You can create different signatures for home and work purposes.

4. Sync the offline feature so that you can access your inbox even when you are not

connected to internet.

5. By using the delegation function you will be able to access into more than one

account even when you are signed in to your own Gmail account.

6. You can turn on a host of options in Google Labs to enhance functionality of your

Gmail. One of the apps allow you to store a copy of an email that you use often and

the next time you need it, just get in one click.

7. When you create Google Apps account, you get integrated with Google Calendar and

Google Docs to help you depending on your business needs.

If while accessing your emails you get the messageGmail Password Recovery , Gmail not working, simply call the support and get it back in working condition in few minutes.



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