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URWERK UR-110 Eastwood

The replica Urwerk watches UR-110 EASTWOOD is really a new watch that includes hardwood and tweed. These types of logos of the brand are a much cry from the unconventional personality of this young brand. ANGUS DAVIES Get a closer understand this new model.

British society is often referred to as class divided. There are many samples of classifying individuals as top, middle or working course. In fact , these three simplified groups are usually further subdivided. Education, accent, etiquette, brands, and occupations are all related to stereotypes about individuals.

Whether you accept the concept of class may rely on your own upbringing. Over time, the view is that the social separate in modern Britain is much less based on class and more upon wealth. However , wood as well as tweed are still symbols from the establishment, reminding me in the " old-school ties" and also polite conservatism of a bygone era.

Hard wood is characterised by power, tradition, safety and historical past. I often associate wood-paneled walls with stately workplaces frequented by industry frontrunners and government ministers.

Tweed is a material, once again steeped in custom. It has always been the fabric of preference for nobles and got gentlemen. replica watches for men

Most recently, Geneva-based luxurious horlogerie brand Urwerk utilized wood and tweed for your Urwerk UR-110 Eastwood. The actual UR-110 has been in the collection for a long time and won the GPHG Best Design Watch Honor in 2011. However , the new-age brand has launched a watch collection limited to 10 items called " Eastwood" having a surprisingly unique look.


The Urwerk 110 is actually a watch that always puts an endearing smile on my face whenever I realize it. To dislike Urwerk's creativity is to fail to identify talent.

3 rotating " hour modules" run around the dial region, with the main time shown by the satellites adjacent to the size displayed on the right part of the dial. The current hours is displayed at the very top, as the minute has an arrow-shaped suggestion. When the arrow reaches " 60", depicted in red-colored, the second hour module gets to zero minutes and requires responsibility for communicating time. The movement of the hour or so module is truly hypnotic.

Next to the main hub where the arms which connect all three hour segments meet is a small secs display. In addition , two some other functions occupy the switch canvas, a " day/night" indication and an " oil change" service period display.

Time display on the Urwerk UR-110 Eastwood goes beyond the norm, showcasing the enormous quotient of a exciting horological theatre. However , regardless of the excellent performance of the well-choreographed hour module, the watch continues to be easy to read and interpret. Replica Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar


Part of my appeal to independent watchmaking is it often defies convention along with approaches timekeeping from a brand new angle. In fact , when it comes to Urwerk's allure, I choose to take a better look at it because it's the opposite of those in power.

The grade five titanium case is the supreme modern style. However , the actual bezel is wood. Urwerk offers Eastwood a choice of 2 variants, Fairtrade Indonesian Macassar Ebony and Fairtrade Southern African Red Ivory. The particular wood is very hard and clearly proved very challenging in order to process.

When i think wood is a symbol of conservatism, incorporating it into the top of the UR-110 is certainly not. Urwerk seems to have used wooden bravely and in doing so improved the contemporary image associated with its watches, contrary to any kind of preconceived notions I had formerly held.

In writing, the size of the Urwerk UR-110 Eastwood sounds rather big, measuring 47mm x 51mm x 16mm. However , once i put the watch on my hand, it didn't look uncomfortable, it looked very comfy.

The overhead is at 12 o’clock, and also the titanium case has a couple of round sapphire crystals within the back, revealing two generators connected to the self-winding movement. replica Chopard Alpine Eagle watch


The UR-9. 01 is actually automatic, with a balance rate of recurrence of 28, 800 vph (4Hz) and a movement that contains 46 jewels.

Most of the movement is concealed from view. However , around the watch's spec sheet, Urwerk lists various finishing elements such as round grain, gemstone polishing, chamfering, and refined screw heads, which will undoubtedly attract purists.

This timepiece is equipped with a single barrel, which supplies a power reserve of 39 hours. This might not audio very impressive at first, but thinking about the energy required to propel the particular hour module, the power book is actually quite respectable.

shoulder strap

Urwerk teamed up along with renowned Welsh tailor Timothy Everest to give the limited version Eastwood model a more impressive design element. replica swiss watches

Tweed provides the watch a truly unique character. Interestingly, despite its traditional and sometimes composed image, tweed takes on a glamorous in addition to highly unusual aesthetic whenever paired with Eastwood.

In fact , the warmth of the band contrasts with the indifferent individuality usually associated with tweed.

The Urwerk UR-110 Eastwood is always on my view list. It deftly brings together style, invention, function as well as craftsmanship in one stunning contact form.

Where the Urwerk UR-110 Eastwood proves especially creative is the combination of a pair of elements, wood and tweed, which, on the surface, are very conventional. Yet, somehow, experts combined materials with existing versions, delivering a fresh, bold and also highly contemporary aesthetic.

It is through open-mindedness and embracing the connotation of the institution that Urwerk offers something new. Perhaps, this can be a lesson for all of us, not to prejudge, but to assess the merits in line with the evidence presented. good replica watches

Technical Specifications

Model: Urwerk UR-110 Eastwood

Situation: Grade 5 titanium, viser made of precious wood; Sizes 47mm x 51mm; Elevation 16mm; Sapphire crystal an incident back.

Functions: hrs; minutes; small seconds; reserve of power indicator; oil change support interval indicator.

Motion: UR-9. 01, self-winding; regularity 28, 800vph (4Hz); fouthy-six jewels; power reserve 39 several hours.

Strap: Tweed band of choice by Timothy Everest. 

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