The next accession to SmackDown 2K16 MT from jacky459's blog

The next accession to SmackDown 2K16 MT  is the amplification of the Hell in a Corpuscle cage to beset a abounding aloft area. The amplification allows for weapons to be acclimated alfresco the ring, as able-bodied as cage-specific slams and finishing moves in which superstars are befuddled through the abandon or top of the cage. Accomplish a name for yourself. For new modes, there is the accession of WWE Cosmos in which the adventuresome automatically generates an contest agenda for players and dynamically adjusts the activity admission and breadth based on in-game accomplishment and adventitious decisions. The Cosmos capital agenda includes a ticker advertisement attainable matches and rankings with red down arrows and blooming up arrows cogent a players accustomed standing. The ultimate appetite of Cosmos is to win abounding matches to set up pay-per-view appellation fights and admission a wrestlers standing. All of Cosmos is customizable and allows players to change matches on their agenda and set up teams manually. It aswell allows players to accept villains and heroes or allies and enemies. Allies will advice during gameplay by interceding in matches on your behalf, while villains will do the opposite. In Universe, amateur accomplishments aswell affect end bout cutscenes, which are generated in engine based on alliances and enemies.

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By jacky459
Added May 8 '16



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