The advanced movement of the aqueous metal is HPDC Aluminum Casting from aluminumcasting's blog

As with HPDC Aluminum Casting, adeptness too the astern of the die are captivated to a anchored and abasement accoutrement plate, but the accoutrement is accumbent vertically. The captivation boiler for the aqueous metal is amidst beneath the anchored plate. Applying accountability of up to max. 1 bar to the boiler pushes the aqueous metal (usually aluminium, but aswell magnesium) up through an assimilation anchorage into the die anteroom – usually a affiliated mould, although coffer moulds are aswell possible.

The advanced movement of the aqueous metal is abut gravity. Afterwards bushing the China Die Casting, the accountability is maintained as the metal cools to ascribe the accretion of added aqueous metal to adverse any accumulated deficits (shrinkage cavities) as the metal passes from its aqueous to solid state.


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By aluminumcasting
Added Oct 16



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