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Contrary to common evolutionary theory, which has man emerging from the Fertile Crescent in Africa and migrating outward, Lupus Erectus appears to have originated somewhere near the region now known as the North Pole which over several million The Bulletproof Home years ago was a lush rain forest. I have designated this original species genus Lupus Tropicopolis. With scant evidence, I have nonetheless speculated elsewhere that at one time there may well have been an advanced civilization, now buried under megatons of ice and tundra. I have further speculated that this was a lycanthrope society whose descendent is the present day wolves indigenous to the Arctic Region.

In future given more sophisticated technology archeologists, researchers, explorers and anthropologists will have access to those buried strata. I hope to uncover vast corridors of lost cities, which at present we can only speculate upon. However, we are able to conclude with certain latitude, given historical figurines found over time depicting so-called wolf-gods, that these in fact represent upright wolf-like creatures that yet maintain a mystique of wisdom and hunting ability among the Inuit peoples. I find interesting parallels between these creatures and the various dog-headed gods of ancient Egypt, i.e., Thoth, Anubis, et al. That these gods ruled over a distant netherworld supposed to be somewhere far north again suggests that the tales, who in fact predate the rise of Egyptian civilization, are rooted more in history than in myth.


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By mukesh381
Added Mar 26 '16


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