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This week within old school runescape accounts we have made some little changes to Excellent Kourend, adding in a variety of training spots as well as NPCs, Zooknock has devised a way to relive your Goof Madness II encounter and necromancers are now able to create teleport pills! Necromancy teleport tablets It's now possible to produce necromancy teleport tablets within the Arceuus area inside Great Kourend. Visit the building proven below, in which you'll find a lectern accustomed to create necromancy teleport pills. In order to produce necromancy teleport tablets you'll want the Magic degree to cast the actual spell, the runes for that spell in addition to a dark essence prevent. You must also be about the necromancy spellbook. The actual teleport tablets a person create are tradeable as well as, as with other teleport tablets within game, necromancy teleport pills are usable no matter which spellbook you're on.

In addition for this, no Arceuus favour is needed to use the teleport pills. Changes to Excellent Kourend Following feedback in the community we took the first actions to bring a bit more life to Excellent Kourend. Throughout the city now you can find mines, spread trees, fishing spots as well as various monsters you may expect to discover roaming around RuneScape. Along with these additions, a few new shopkeepers show up in some other part of the city. For those who have 20% favour within the relevant house, now you can grab weapons as well as armour from Shayzien, staves as well as runes from Arceuus as well as food from Piscarilius! Repeatable Monkey Chaos II boss fight Monkey Madness II spoilers beneath Monkey Madness II features probably the most challenging quest employers in Old College RuneScape: Glough.


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By lulu123
Added May 25 '16



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