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DAVISON offers RF Welder and Sealers with output power capabilities from 1.2kW to 40kW. RF welders are typically used to weld or fuse thermoplastic materials such as PVC, polyurethane, PET and other materials. Manufacturers that utilize various plastics and industrial fabrics as part of their processes rely upon high quality industrial RF equipment. Our RF welding systems are designed to produce a strong and uniform seal on a wide range of materials whether it is used for packaging, medical, fabric or automotive products. We can also customize RF sealing equipment based on the unique requirements of an industry’s sealing and heating processes, specially designed to achieve efficiency of operations.

Design-engineered primarily for thermoplastic welding and heat sealing from rolled materials, our RF Welding Inline System integrates RF technology and efficiency with a heavy-duty unwind stand, three PLCs with PC interface controls, three RF welder stations and an automatic indexer. The result is a durable, versatile, top performing RF inline system designed for maximum productivity and throughput.


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By pvcwelding
Added Jan 9 '17



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