Particular attention is paid for the role of access networks

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The innovative Chinese network vendor first partnered with Proximus in January and marks initially Huawei may have tested its technology through an operator for Huawei transmission network. Trials will be performed to arrange for the growing number of demand rrndividuals are placing on networks, and make certain bandwidth is accessible to deal with it.

“The network is checking out DC (Data Center) centric, thats liable to bring a boost interest on increased bandwidth. Businesses are currently undergoing a digital transformation and consumers require always-on connectivity. Huawei supports its customers through innovation; together we build simplified networks ensuring the top user experience towards clients. This trial is testimony of Huawei’s engagement to innovation,” says Jeffrey Gao, President from the Huawei transmission network series.

The speed, which equals the transmission of 33 HD films within a second, could be the first outcome in the partnership involving the two companies that was formed in January.

The trial was conducted over the 1,040 kilometre fibre link utilising an advanced 'Flexgrid' infrastructure with Huawei's Optical Switch Node OSN 9800 platform.

Particular attention is paid for the role of access networks in increasing speed of huawei DSLAM, for example 4G in the mobile context and fibre for broadband. However, the core network will likely be increasingly crucial in addressing bandwidth requirements.

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