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 Monkey had larboard Cruise abandoned Madden 16 Coins  to analyze the apple a little, and while she was unprotected, this abandoned barbarian began to coursing her. During a noninteractive cutscene, Dog sniffed the air while Cruise hid as agilely as attainable abaft a rock. The astriction began to arise as Dog got afterpiece and afterpiece to his prey. At the endure second, Monkey, who was continuing able-bodied aloft this scene, shouted down in anger, causing dog to accord up on Cruise and go afterwards Monkey instead. The metal monster was too abundant to be authentic by the makeshift accomplished he attempted to cantankerous to get himself afterpiece to Monkey, causing him to abatement into the all-inclusive blank beneath him. Of course, a automated dog can never be abolished that easily. Anon afterwards Monkey and Cruise were reunited, the angry monster admission aback into view. A coursing amphitheatre was anon initiated, with Cruise clutching aimlessly to Monkeys aback as the two fabricated their way as apprenticed as attainable abroad from the charging threat. Cruise kept up a animate annotation of Dogs actions, advancement Monkey to run faster to abstain accepting asleep by the nemesis. It was a blood-tingling experience, and one that gives us achievement that the activity will be able to bender the acute adventitious and characters to accomplish this adventurous something special. This aboriginal attending fabricated us anxiously optimistic for the accomplished game, but accumulate your eyes on GameSpot for added updates.

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By jacky459
Added May 14 '16



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