Miniature Tattoo Design 2022

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Miniature Tattoo Design 2022

The first tattoo designs were simple symbols, but over time people started adding more detail. 

The brainchild of two art enthusiasts with a keen and conscious mind, The TattooPedia was founded in 2020 with a purpose to provide an answer to all the questions of tattoo lovers at one place. From the artists that you are looking for to the type of studio you seek to hold your standards or requirements, The TattooPedia is the one-stop for all tattoo related queries and services.

With such technological progress nowadays and the pervasive reach of the internet, it is appalling to continuously have to search on the internet separately for every single thing. Which design to choose, which artist suits you, in fact, even seeing which artist is in proximity to you. Considering that, and to bring ease to your tattoo needs, The TattooPedia is here with a single platform which aims to cater to artists/studios/schools as well as the clients they all search for. We are the aggregators of the tattoo industry.

Who are we? We are the facilitator you deserve to get the services you are in a search of. We understand that not everyone knows everything and a simple search on the internet brings forth millions of results. This is where we step in the foreground and give you the apt results according to your needs. The entire tattoo process that every individual essentially goes through can easily be done on our platform, from the first stage to the final stage.

If you have decided to get body art or get trained for the same to become a professional artist, TattooPedia will connect you with the artist/studio or the school for you to choose from, and also provide various insights as to which designs you can get inspiration from to make your choice. So, you can say goodbye to the hassle of reading through multiple lists on the internet to find the right choice, TattooPedia is here with its team to get you all your answers right here, right now, at one place.

TattooPedia is also a place for artists/studios/schools to start off or boost their presence. From creating your brand’s awareness on our site, aiding the growth of a customer base, to providing certification to interested learners of the art, we will link you to your ideal clients. Moreover, the product requirements that you may have, as an artist or a customer, will also be catered to by us.

Whatever your tattoo needs, we provide it.

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