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Marble Design

Makrana marble Flooring is the excellent quality White marble mined in Makrana (a town in Rajasthan, India). India’s two most iconic monument “Tajmahal” and “Victoria Memorial” is constructed using this precious stone. It is most commonly used for the decorative purpose in corporate offices, houses, hotels, Restaurants and skyscrapers. These are very strong, hard and diaphanous. One of the most impotent quality of Makrana marble is resistant to water seepage, because it contains 98 percentage of calcium carbonate 2 percent of impurities. Makrana quarry are oldest one in India. The choice of undertaking the paths less travelled has made all the difference in the success story of ANABIYA MARBLES. The company was established in a simple warehouse at Makrana, Rajasthan, in 1999, and ever since has been raising the bar with its quality products and superior services. Our Managing Director Mr. ABDUL WAHEED , Who has an Experience of 25+ years , started with an aim of providing natural stones of impeccable quality with unparalleled service. As a result of his commitment, leadership, and innovation, today the company has established itself as one of the leading and reputed importers and exporters of all typeand Stone & Manufacture, Design Temple,Piller, Table Top, Statue, Fountain, Article, Flowerpots etc all over the world. Our wisdom comes from our experience! Experience, we gained because of our abiding strive to deliver the best service with care and personal touch. Best Home Design Temple Work, The philosophy that guided us is “Quality delivered with care, Marble Temple makes all the difference.” Our customer centric approach and focus for quality makes us the first choice for varied architectural requirements. Makrana is renowned for its quality and has been used for centuries in various architectural and artistic applications, including flooring. Makrana flooring marble offers a luxurious and timeless appeal, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces. Here are some key characteristics and advantages of flooring. Is renowned for its quality and has been used in various architectural and artistic applications for centuries. Here are some common types of work and applications associated. Design is typically polished to enhance its natural luster and smooth texture. The polished finish not only adds to the visual appeal but also makes the Work easier to clean and maintain.

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