Is There anAPI for Real-Time Cricket Scores?

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Is There anAPI for Real-Time Cricket Scores?

You may have noticed that cricket has an API for live scores. But are these APIs useful? What if you want to integrate cricket live scores with your app? Here at haveseveral options you can choose from. They are easy to integrate and support live streaming. You can use Free plan, starting at $5.99 USD a month. If you need more data, you can also subscribe to a full season of cricket scores. provides real-time cricket scores and detailed match statistics, as well as an array of supplementary data. The Cricket dataAPI is similar to other General Sport APIs, returning team and player data, schedules, and real-time scores. All calls to the Cricket API require authentication. To get the latest cricket scores, you will need several parameters. The API can also be used for requesting match statistics, including the score of the previous match, the current match, and the next game.

Cricket Live Scores API

If you have been following the cricket world, you may have noticed that there is an API for real-time cricket scores. This live data can be used for developing a cricket-related application. This data can be accessed in several ways, including the use of HTTP calls and GET requests. For example, you could use the Cricket Live Score API, which provides invaluable data for developing cricket-related applications. The API uses JSON format to return data.


If you are interested in getting real-time cricket scores, you've probably wondered if you can use the ezCricInfo API. It helps you to access the match statistics and latest cricket scores. Besides real-time scores, it also provides detailed match statistics and a wide array of supplementary data. Similar to other General Sport APIs, the API is structured in such a way that it requires authentication for all calls. For the most part, the API requires several parameters, which you can use to access the information that you need.


There are several benefits of using the eCricScore API for real time cricket scores. Firstly, the service offers live streaming and paid plans start from EUR80 per month. Secondly, the API is well-structured and supports the full cricket season. Lastly, the service provides chatbot support. You can use either the free version of the service or the paid one depending on your requirements. To know the pricing of the same you can check out on .


The CricAPI offers live cricket scores, news feeds, players stats, and ready-to-go cricket related questions and answers. Not only does the API provide cricket scores but also includes a player's performance timeline, and covers all the essential cricket seasons and tournaments. Its HTTP REST-based API is very easy to integrate, and provides accurate and up-to-date information for all significant cricket leagues.

Cricket Data API

When looking for CricAPIs, no need to worry about the operating system as it supports all type. You can access to Cricket API. provides with other APIs like Cricket series list, Player info, Fantasy API, Series Squad List and many more. And the best about this is all these APIs are available free of cost.

Free APIs for Live Cricket Score Updates

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