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Toilet training a puppy: It is not very easy kids Toilet Training. It would be much easier if you had a child, for example, to collect and dispose of diapers. Instead, you have a young dog, who does not want to see problems with the toilet when and where he needs to as well. As a puppy, it happens very quickly, and if there is the urge to toilet, you will continue regardless of where they are located, and what might be inside the house.

Do not expect your puppy training to stand outside the door when he wants to use the toilet. You have to start house training at the beginning of his life for them to know your rules. One thing I found was that the puppies tend to choose the same type of surface are used, even when they are with their mother.

Encourage your dog to use a newspaper or other materials, such as small pads, while the interior of the house is perfect if you have a small house or apartment without a backyard or garden. After some time, the dog will get the message that the use of newspaper or wee pad to relieve himself of what you want. Another way is to train them to use a litter tray filled with highly absorbent. While remaining a proper routine, but in six months or less, your puppy will reward you by letting you know when she wants to make her toilet outside.


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