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As an honest, upstanding citizen, you probably don't think of lock picking as an essential skill, but it quickly becomes one when you forget your keys, and you're locked out of your own house. At such a time, you're unlikely to have lock-picking tools in your pocket, but if you have a paper clip, you can make a paper clip lock pick.

As a result, you will be able to use these paper clips in the manner of ordinary lock picks, and with proper practice, you will pick a lock easily and quickly. Below you can find detailed information and step-by-step guidelines of making paperclip lock pick and how to use it for lock picking.

How To Pick A Lock With A Paperclip
Take the pliers are start bending the paperclips into the shapes shown above. You are going to make essentially two tools that emulate modern lock pick sets. Below we will cover how to create each tool that you will be using the pick this freakin’ lock once and for all, never having to be locked outside in the cold ever again.

    Insert the short end of the tension wrench into the bottom of the keyhole. Using the other end of the wrench as a handle, put tension on the lock in the direction it opens. Maintain this tension while you're picking the lock.
    Insert the pick into the upper portion and push it in until it contacts a pin. Try moving it up, and if it moves freely, move on to the next pin until you find one that has seized. Push this one up while maintaining tension on the lock, and when it clears the barrel, the barrel will move slightly, and it will stay up.
    Repeat this procedure with all five pins, and the barrel should spin.

Can you actually pick a lock with a paperclip?
Yes, but it needs some lock picking practice. You also must know how to prepare your paperclip lock pick tools with the help of pliers and use them as a tension wrench and a rake. But note, that this method is very unreliable since paper clips are not designed for lock picking purposes. may not have the biggest selection of lock picking tools, but we do have the highest quality! If you are just starting out, we have some of the best beginner lock pick sets that include the ideal selection of picks to help you start slaying locks fast! No fluffy sets!
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