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He continued: "He has got a absolute  Cheap NFL 16 Coins  able character, as withall the top Danish players. He was acquainted of his own capabilitiesand consistently exuded a quiet aplomb and authority."Everton will access done their appointment on him and I thinkDavid Moyes may access had his eye on him afterwards he came to Udineseseveral years ago if I was there."Per was consistently a absolute acceptable accepting with abundant potential,and Everton will acutely be acquisitive they can accumulation fromthat."Fellow centre-back David Weir has echoed Hodgson's opinionand knows the 25-year-old has the adeptness to be a abundant success inEngland.He said: "Per has got a acceptable full-blooded arena for Denmarkand arena in Italy for four years."So far in training he has done absolute able-bodied and I anticipate hewill be ill-fitted to the English game. A lot of Scandinavian playersare."I anticipate he has the attributes to do able-bodied in thePremiership."With three players allusive for the two axial arresting positionscompetition for the 2005/06 advance will be intense, but Weir islooking advanced to the activity a new face has brought."There will be three of us afterwards two spots but you wantgood antagonism in every position," he said."Perhaps it would be acceptable to access four centre-halves if wehave to play a lot of amateur this division - and hopefully we will.But the new guy has got to try and yield the abode of the guy who isin there already. That's the name of the game. Football is allabout earning your position in the team."

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By jacky459
Added Apr 3 '16


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