Fully drilled or partially drilled in Diamond Paintings

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Fully drilled or partially drilled in Diamond Paintings
Instead of painting with colors in areas assigned to you, you fill with round or square pieces of diamonds on the painting canvas in this kind of painting. You create whatever you want in the given canvas by using small, multi-faceted crystals.

If you’re getting into the world of diamond painting and trying to figure out how you want to venture out into your first diamond painting kit, one of the most important things to get familiar with is the different terms that often get tossed out without explanation.  Regardless of the canvas size or shape of diamonds that you choose for your journey, one of the choices that you’ll need to make is between partial drill or full drill diamond paintings.  But…what’s the difference?

Full drill
A full drill board means that you put diamonds on the entire web. Everything is covered in diamonds and when the painting is finished you will not see the fabric but only the diamonds. Most people find that a board with full drill gives a better end result. This is because everything on the board looks the same and sparkles just as much.

Partial drill
If you talk about the partial drill, it simply means that your canvas is only half-covered with canvas. It is best to use a square drill with full drill painting as your whole canvas will be covered in a simple yet elegant way.

In essence, only certain, carefully chosen parts of your full print will be blinging with diamonds.  These sparkly parts immediately draw the eye and tell it what to focus on when it comes to appreciating the final print on the wall.

No matter the time of year, the style of your home decor or the mood you find yourself in, there’s always a diamond art kit to meet your needs. Find stunning landscapes, emotive scenes from history, delicate portraits and cute cartoons all here on topdiamondart.com. You can even purchase your own astonishing Diamond Paintings Kits by ordering a custom diamond artwork, based on a photo or image you supply.
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