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Because they have a big RS 3 Gold team and they'll be using most of our advanced features. But even the small teams, they might use one of our high-end features."And he still loves the fact that different types of teams can use Unity and achieve very different results. "If you look at two different Runeacape games on opposite ends of the spectrum you would never guess they were built with the same tool," says Helgason. Helgason acknowledges that expanding the scope of the product has significant implications for the company when it comes to allotting resources. "Because of the complex interplay between features, that ends up tripling the amount of work, that's okay.

We can afford that. We have the manpower for it, and it's worth it in the long run," he says.He is also quick to point out that this expansion in capabilities has not hurt the tool's core usability a particular concern for the company. "Otherwise we would already have a product that was a huge bloated mess and it's not. It's still this lean, precise product where you can find the things you need and the stuff you're not using is kind of out of the way," he says. "These are, to some degree, conflicting goals. Because usually the more advanced, it usually gets more complicated. So that's where we have to work extra hard.

If it's more than twice as hard to make it both more powerful or easy, it's probably just five times harder than just doing one or the other," says Helgason.That said, the company is trying to grow in a controlled manner, he says. "We don't have growth planned for the company, really... overall the company grows just to support the product and the community. That's been growing really fast so the company has had to grow very fast. We hope that continues Buy Runescape Gold, because it will be a reflection of people building more advanced stuff and more beautiful stuff in Unity. But, no, there isn't a growth plan as such."

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By dada0312
Added Apr 26 '16



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