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As you cantankerous this FIFA 17 Account  lava-filled room, be accurate not to abatement into it, as itll acknowledgment you to a adjoining platform. At any rate, appoint the Sniffle Thwomp in activity and use the exhaustion move to admission accession Blitten. Afterward, walk-punch off the south ancillary of the conveyor-belt to adeptness a abstruse island with a brace of boxes (coins, supersyrup jar), afresh walk-punch aback and abide larboard to the next area, breadth youll accretion some bound bob-oms. Bite their cage to chargeless them, giving you the Bob-omb Blitz move, afresh hunt the aisle south to the next screen. Abide to accession aisle in the lower-left. There are some bob-ombs patrolling the path, and if they draft you, youll be beatific aback to the entrance. Thankfully, it just takes a simple jump (using your physique bang move) to balk them. Afterwards jumping accomplished the aboriginal bunch, hunt the convey-belt larboard for a box (tnt drumstick), afresh advance onward, accomplished accession few sets of bob-ombs, to a arch in the upper-left. 

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By jacky459
Added Jun 6 '16



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